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 Survey Crafter Testimonials

The following are testimonials from people who have been using Survey Crafter Professional.

"We are positively thrilled with Survey Crafter Professional. After using another product for many years, the Developer discontinued it without warning and expected current users to 'upgrade' to an enterprise product for tens of thousands of dollars in annual fees. Not surprisingly, we began searching for alternatives. Survey Crafter was one of several tools that we researched. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was not only a full-featured product but also ranked very well when compared to other solutions. Best of all, it was infinitely less costly than other similar solutions.

Aside from the easy-to-use interface and flexibility of the software, Survey Crafter offers prompt, professional and efficient support on-the-fly and on-demand. While we've had little need to engage Survey Crafter for help, when we have run into difficulty our problems have been dealt with and resolved almost immediately.

We're extremely pleased with the product and the support that's offered when needed. We would absolutely recommend Survey Crafter Professional to any organization that needs to conduct periodic surveys and requires the ability to manage the entire process in-house."

David Towler MA
Creative Organizational Design
Waterloo, Canada

"I am compelled to send a note of gratitude concerning Survey Crafter’s “HELP”. The ‘HELP’ sections and tools are quite robust. The topics and various related tools (such as the ‘Tip of the day’, printable guides, extensive on-line index, and top-shelf, A+++ customer support, to name a few) are presented and organized in an extremely clear and logical manner. I have no trouble locating information. When using some other survey software products, I have actually been forced to devote significant time developing my own “HELP” documentation for quick and easy reference due to the great difficulty in locating information."

Suzan Gran
Research Systems Assistant

"I just wanted to say thanks. You have been a tremendous help as I made my way through the first survey. The analysis wizard was very easy to use and I was able to analyze the responses in 2 days and deliver a report to my client this past Friday. He was very pleased with the response and the data.

Survey Crafter Professional is really a great and easy to use product and does not require significant time to get up to speed."

Tracy Lawler
JGL Management Services
Princeton, NJ

"I have been evaluating survey creation software for my department for about 3 years. We have bought two other that just didn't deliver across the board. Survey Crafter Professional is easy to use, sensible in design, and it very clearly delivers what is required of good survey software... and much more.

All the best with this product."

Dr Alistair Campbell, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychology
Director, JCU Psychology Clinic
Associate Head of School
James Cook University
Townsville, QLD Australia

"I really cannot speak highly enough of your product or the support you provide.

Keep up the great work - if only every software provider had the support system in place that your company has."

Peter Trout
e Learning Technology Manager
Warren, NJ

"Thanks for the upgrade. Survey Crafter Professional is still one of the most used pieces of software in my teaching armamentarium.

An excellent program."

David MacDonald
Instructor in Business Statistics
College for Professional Studies
University of Mary
Bismarck, ND

"This software alongside your impressive and invaluable tech support has made it possible for us to create and deliver a product that distinguishes us in the industry. Thanks so much for your extra effort!"

Erin Dick
Workplace Health and Wellness Specialist
Connex Health Consulting, Canada

"We want to personally thank you for your overwhelming support in our market research efforts. You and your software have made it possible for us to perform first class market research studies without having to hire outside vendors. The combination of Survey Crafter's industry leading capabilities and your invaluable technical support has saved our organization many times the cost of your product. The questionnaires you have assisted us with creating have made it possible for us to survey our customers using complex and cutting edge methodologies that have added great value to our findings."

Craig Rome and Jason de Oliveira
Market Research Department
TDK Electronics Corporation

"Survey Crafter Professional has been a godsend to me and my consulting practice, enabling me to offer my knowledge and expertise in customized, primary marketing research to various clients in many types of projects. Starting with its precursor, MarketSight, and continuing with Richard right up to today's version 3.3, Survey Crafter has grown with me and I with it.

What I like best about it are these four great features:

  1. It's a complete, turnkey "start to finish" package for market research projects of all kinds - no more need for multiple software packages for questionnaire design, fieldwork, data preparation and analysis.
  2. It's equally applicable to small or large surveys whether done in person, by phone, mail or via the Internet.
  3. It's robust and powerful, yet easy to use software that, with Richard's help, was also easy to learn, especially as the versions have improved and become more user friendly.
  4. Richard's support is wonderful, and truly unlimited, as is his patience. He is so thorough in explaining how to use it, and he has continually brought helpful new features into the product (some that are outgrowths of things I'd asked for before the software was fully ready to provide them).

This software is great - purchasing it was, BY FAR, the smartest move I've made as an independent businessman. It's been a shot in the arm to my bottom line and Richard is what makes the whole thing go - he has supported me through thick and thin as I've learned to use this outstanding tool. Quite simply, my business would have been a failure without it and without him alongside, standing solidly behind it. I am very pleased to offer my strongest commendation."

Bart Zehren
E-RM, E-Research for Marketing
Evanston, IL

"Quality software, great customer service and a company that listens and responds to customer requests, questions and suggestions is beyond most people's imagination today. Yet that is precisely what we have experienced with Survey Crafter Professional. The software works, it is stable, and it is powerful. We have conducted web, paper and telephone surveys with Survey Crafter Professional without problems. But when we have had problems they have been resolved with Survey Crafter's unmatched customer support. We unreservedly recommend this software to clients, friends and anyone wishing to work with a great program and great company."

Charles Atkinson
Managing Director
QualityWorks Associates

"Survey Crafter Professional is an excellent product, and the technical support is even better. The knowledge and expertise of Richard Ward is priceless. I have been using Survey Crafter software for several years and have been pleased from the beginning. In addition, there are periodic software updates that continually meet our needs. I am grateful to have such a valuable software company to rely on."

Jan Noble
Director of Assessment
Southwestern Oklahoma State University

"Since we started using Survey Crafter a few years ago, I was deeply impressed with the outstanding customer service that it offers. You consistently made using your product and services simple and effective. Thank you."

Gustavo Rabin Ph.D.
Skyline Consulting Group

"Survey Crafter has provided excellent technical support throughout our process of installation and use. We have an unusual server configuration, and they worked patiently with us, trying numerous solutions until it worked correctly. We have always received timely and thorough reponses to our requests for help on the features of the program. Overall, Survey Crafter has been an economical way to collect and analyze data from the 1000 employees in our company."

Troy Kilen
Instructional Designer

"We find Survey Crafter Professional to be very functional and versatile software, both in standard features and customization options. Richard Ward's technical support is outstanding! He consistently demonstrates a very strong commitment to customer satisfaction and success in using the software. Our projects have greatly benefited from his insightful, proactive, and in-depth advice about how best to use the software - all delivered with excellent response time and concern for our project timetables. We evaluated many other market research software packages, and are very pleased with our decision to purchase Survey Crafter Professional."

Mary Hemminger
Project Manager
Matousek and Associates

"Our health system originally purchased Survey Crafter Professional to make some of our surveys available online. This software's ease of use and a desire to reduce the amount of delayed paperwork inspired a decision to move some of our system's more critical forms from paper to web based to improve the accessibility and turnaround time for a number of forms that are routed through multiple persons. We have seen a dramatic decrease (from several months to a few days!) in our turnaround time. We have also benefited from being able to quickly and easily update our forms so only the most recent version is available, and have made some of our forms interactive so that a tutorial screen opens online if certain responses are chosen.

I like to believe that I have been one of the most challenging contacts for your tech support, and want to say that you have met all of my challenges beyond my expectations. I thank you for your quick responses and for your willingness in helping to customize our forms in ways that were probably not intended for this software."

Craig Dewar
St Cloud, MN

"Survey Crafter Professional is an excellent product. We originally purchased it to simplify the creation, administration, and analysis of our surveys. Survey Crafter Professional saved us a lot of time. Only later did we realize that we had also purchased a very powerful tool for creating and managing Internet-based surveys. The product is almost idiot proof, and on those few occasions that we needed support, the Survey Crafter support was excellent."

Chuck Zeugner
Planning and Research
Texas Association of School Boards

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