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 Survey Crafter Professional Walkthroughs

The following are procedures you can use to get more out of Survey Crafter Professional.

Click on a link in the "Title" column below to view the steps of the walkthrough. To download a walkthrough file, right-click on a link in the "Title" column below and choose the option from the pop-up menu that saves the file to your hard disk.

General (Back to top)
# Steps Title
1.10Using Survey Crafter Professional to enter data for a paper or telephone survey on one or more data entry workstations
2.8Configuring an installation of Survey Crafter Professional for data entry only

Surveys (Back to top)
# Steps Title
1.47Tutorial: Entering the example employee satisfaction survey in Survey Crafter Professional's Survey Designer window
2.10Setting up a server running Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) to host one or more Survey Crafter Professional web surveys
3.32Capturing web server information in a Survey Crafter Professional web survey
4.7Comparing respondents who complete your survey on paper, by telephone or on the Web
5.23Translating your survey into other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch so you can simultaneously administer your survey in more than one language and analyze the results together.

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